Maldives with kids

There are many things to do in the Maldives with kids that will keep them entertained and thrilled. All these things are super exciting as well as safe for children and will make their childhood memories even richer!

5 Things To Do In The Maldives With Kids

Family vacations are all about the enjoyment and contentment of kids and which is why we are giving you nine best things to do in the Maldives with kids so that both you and your children can enjoy to the fullest.

1)Whale Submarine

If you or your kids are scared of going underwater through diving but still want to enjoy the beauty of the sea up-close then the Submarine trip is the ideal thing for you. In a miniature submarine tour, you will get to experience everything that the sea has to offer closely – be it sunken ships or shoals, beautiful multicolored fishes, or anything else- you get everything by the whale submarine. This adrenaline rushing experience is enjoyed by adults and kids alike. The whale submarine ride is available at a reasonable price and it is organized by many resorts and hotels during the day and evening.


With all the fishing grounds and lagoons in the region, fishing is one of the most popular activities and occupations of many localities in the Maldives. No matter which island you are in, you can easily see many individuals going to the sea-shore with their fishing rod by their side. Luckily, you are free to observe the professionals catch the fish and if you want you can even try a hand in it as well. You can hire the traditional boats called Dhonis to go fishing. This is a fun experience that your kids can enjoy along with you.

3)Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching is yet another amazing activity that you can do in the Maldives when you are on your family trip. The amazing and thrilling acrobatics performed by hundreds of dolphins are sure to leave you and your kids in awe. Many resorts have easy access to Dolphin watching space.

4)Beach side Dining And Outdoor Cinema

In the outdoor cinemas of Maldives, under an open starry sky on a soft and comfortable couch, your kids and you can enjoy your favorite comedy on your villa’s deck. There are plenty of resorts and hotels in the Maldives that, on special requests, organize alfresco cinema on the beachside. While watching the movie you will also get to enjoy some of the best Maldives cuisines. Alfresco beachside dining is one of the most popular activities that you can do here. Whether you are enjoying the feast on the private beach of your villa or on a secluded island you are sure to enjoy the sight of sea vistas and the sand touching your feet gently. You can also ask for a barbeque if that is what you enjoy the most.

5)Maldivian Cooking Tour

If your kids love sea-food then the Maldivian private cooking experience is something you cannot miss out on. This small tour will kick-start as you meet-up with your guide in Male and from there you will get the chance to pick your favorite ingredients from the local market. After gathering the ingredients your guide will help you cook some mouth-watering Maldivian dishes and you will get to taste your own cooking afterward. In this tour, a maximum of four people can take part at a time and it takes around 3 hours.

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